Top 5 Highest Paying Online Surveys to Earn Cash and Gift Cards

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Top 5 Highest Paying Online Surveys to Earn Cash and Gift Cards

List of Best Paying Survey Sites that pay Cash

Are you looking for highest paying online surveys? You are at right place.

Using these best paid survey sites you will make money at least $200-$300 per month with the tips I will give you.

I have earned money online with paid survey sites for over 6 years and through which I was able pay my high school fees, and also was financially okay in my place of work surprising everybody despite earning the same level of salary with them. That is exactly the one of the beauty of making money online. You can work offline and still have the time to make cool cash online.

But you must understand that making money online via paid surveys does not come easy. You must put lots of effort, be consistent and remain focused. And one of the best ways to make reasonable money online with paid survey sites is to join and work with more than one surveys websites.

Personally, what I do is that I work with at least 10 paid survey sites. And also make sure to always complete surveys daily where they are available. Here, I shall expose all the secrets to making big money online through paid surveys, but before we start, check out the lists of survey websites that actually pay.

Below is the lists of best paying survey sites that are currently available. They are briefly explained, you may click on the link to visit any of them for more info.

If you really want to earn big with paid online surveys, you must join more than one websites. At least 7-10 websites will get you there.

Without further ado, here is list of top paying surveys. Join all of them to maximize your earnings. Don’t forget to confirm your email id after joining each survey panel.

Top 5 Highest Paying Online Surveys to Earn Cash and Gift Cards

  1. Lifepoints is a popular paid survey site that offer cash for every survey their members complete. They pay users in dollars and they also have the opportunity of joining their monthly price draw for completing surveys, referring friends and for survey screen outs. The cash out method is PayPal and the minimum cash out is $5. Click here to join Lifepoints survey panel.
  2. Survey Junkie is one of the best paying survey panel. Earn up to $5 per completed survey. Click here to join Survey Junkie.
  3. America consumer opinion is an online paid survey site that give points for every survey their members completed and 1 point is = 1penny. They also have special assignment surveys. The payment method is PayPal, Check or Tango gift voucher which you can use at Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and other major retailers. Click here to join this survey panel.
  4. Opinionoutpost is an online survey site that members earn opinion points for surveys they complete. These points can be converted to cash and withdraw via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards and more. You can also participate and earn a chance to win their quarterly cash draws and random prize draws. Minimum payout is $5. Click here to join Opinion Outpost.
  5. National Consumer Panel is a special market research company that pay cash to scan your shopping receipts and share the data back to them. Pays via check and PayPal for every online survey their members complete. Points are given for every time you scan a receipt or complete a survey and this can be redeemed for cash. The minimum requirement for cash out is 8,000 points which is equal to $10. Click here to join NCP panel.
  6. Yougov is a paid survey site that conducts online surveys for government and current affairs. The surveys are easy to qualify as these are mostly opinion based surveys. Members are paid cash for every survey they take and quickly. The cash out methods are Amazon gift cards, PayPal. Click here to join Yougov panel.

Some other good paying survey sites worth to mention are:

Surveysavvy another paid survey site online. Companies are looking for consumer opinion from people like you and I, and surveysavvy has being connecting us to those companies and pay us cash for our opinions. Signup with surveysavvy and complete your profile, they will use those info to target various demographic groups according to the criteria established by their clients. Whenever your profile matches the basic criteria for a certain survey, they will notify or invite you through email, so make sure to check your mail regularly. There is no guarantee of how many survey you can receive, it is based on personal profile and what there clients are looking for, and if you fit into any of the open quota group. The amount of surveys receive varies, but you may receive more based on your profile. It is one of the best get paid to sites currently online. Payment are made via check, make sure to fill in your real mail address. I will suggest you sign up to this site while still working with other paid survey sites, they don’t send surveys daily but you will receive surveys that pay high at least 3 times in a week. Just make sure you complete your profile and check the website and your email regularly.

Mindspay US is another paid survey website that accepts member from USA Only. You must be age of 13 and above and a resident of USA to be able to join. They are also have good paying surveys like the above sites, but you must be a USA resident to be able to take part. The payment methods is PayPal.

Brand institute is one of the best paid survey sites that offer surveys for professionals such as Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and many other health care professionals. The surveys are mainly medical surveys that pay very high. You will get cash for every completed survey and cash out via PayPal.

Ipsos Access Panel is comprised of hundred thousands of people who share their opinions. Members take surveys and help shape the products and service they all use everyday. As a panel member you have the opportunity to take surveys and influence the marketplace on wide variety of subjects. Many panelists even get to see new ideas or test new products and services before the general public. You will earn reward point which can redeem high street vouchers and amazon gift certificate. Most surveys are worth 5 to 250 points and members get an average of 4 surveys each month. Note that the number of survey you receive will vary most of the panelists receive at least one survey invitation every month. Based on their profile information, some members receive a few more than this. It is always your decision about whether or not you take surveys.

Is it possible to get paid just doing surveys and why would I be paid just for taking surveys?

Yes, it is possible to get paid doing Paid Surveys. There are over thousands of real market research firms out there that give out incentives just to have your opinion, and companies and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, do come to these firms to get public opinions on their products and services and are willing to pay the firms to have them sort out. Then parts of the money are passed out to you for giving out your opinion.

What are the online paid surveys questions about?

The questions can be about anything you can ever think of such as review of a movie trailer for a new movie, what kind of snacks you like, what restaurant you always patronize, political opinion, personal relationship, medical, law, age, professions, shopping attitudes, hobbies, just anything you can ever think of. These are used by the companies to shape their products and services.

How does Real Online Paid Surveys work?

Although every company has its own way of operations, here are how they basically work. You registered on an online paid survey website and complete you profile such as filling out your basic demographic info like your age, marital status, gender, address, hobbies etc. And once there is available surveys that fit your profile you will be invited via email to take such surveys. The invitations always have a direct link to the survey and the incentive you will earn when you complete them. All you have to do is to click on the link and complete the survey and you will be credited with the incentives immediately.

What kind of incentives are offers for taking online paid surveys?

There are different kinds of incentives depending on the website. Some give out Amazon gift cards, Cash, DVDs, entry into sweepstakes, games, donation to your favorite charity etc. Each survey website may offer all these to you to choose from while some will offers one or two of them.

Will I get spam by joining an online paid survey site using my email or phone number?

Although you may not if you join a real online Paid Survey website, however you must be extra careful on the kind of site you join because there are some that mainly advertise to members. Here are some tips you can use to avoid spammy survey sites.

  • If they offer you a large prize to get you sign up with them, then you have to do a thorough research on the site before joining.
  • If they request for your bank details or more private info about you which you are not comfortable with, just walk away. A real online paid survey site will not ask you for such details.
  • Make sure you read their privacy policy before you sign up. Majority of the surveys websites will only send you a message if there is available survey for you.

Should I pay to Join online paid survey website?


You must not pay to join any survey website. If a site requests for joining fee then they are most likely to be scam. With just little effort you can be able to find good number of survey sites online through google search. All real online survey sites are free to join. In fact there are lots of websites that have free paid survey sites listed on them. You can join the best paid survey sites for free that I have listed above. Even market research firms are not allowed to charge people to participate in surveys.

Can I get rich through taking online paid surveys?

This is one question that keeps popping up each time there is something to ask about legitimate paid surveys. Some even asked me if they could retire from their day job and start doing surveys. Well, to be sincere with you, although I have seen people making over $1000 per month through surveys, but most of them have blogs set up to get lots of referrals and promoting their links on highly populated websites like Facebook, social media, twitter etc. It may be too risky to rely on survey alone as a mode of income because it may one day disappear into tin air and you will be left with nothing but to start all over again. If you are looking to earn a steady income online then you must set up a blog and start blogging and adding contents to your site regularly so as to gain more readers who will in turn earn you money by buying your products or clicking the ads on your blogs.

How much can I make monthly by taking surveys?

Almost similar to the above question, it can be very difficult to know how much you are most likely to make via surveys. It all depends on the number of sites you work with, the amount each survey worth, how often you take surveys and your demographic location. If you are from countries like USA etc you will make reasonable money. You could make between $500 – $600 in a month but I will advise you to treat this as extra cash, not a career. You can easily make enough money to pay your house rent, pay your dinner, buy clothes etc

Is survey worth all the trouble?

First of all, I must let you know there is no trouble whatsoever in doing surveys for cash. If in fact it is the easiest way to make extra money online without spending a dime. So, YES! Paid Survey is worth your time since you do not have to pay for it or spend the whole day doing it.

Hopefully these wrap up the questions and answers session about online paid surveys.

Online surveys could be an enjoyable way of making money online if you actually know your way around, because you would be the first to try products before they are out in the market, and give your opinion which influence the production of more products and services.

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